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Daily International News 02.26.10

February 26, 2010

From this morning, but didn’t have time to post it!

Daily International News
February 26, 2010

Four South Koreans detained in North Korea
Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi’s appeal for release
Thai court orders assets seized from ex-PM Thaksin

Deadly suicide blasts rock Kabul
[Al-Jazeera] and Deadly Attacks in Kabul Strike at Foreigners in Guesthouses [NYT]
Dialogue the only way forward: Salman Bashir

Middle East
Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan in ‘coup plot’ warning
Iraq to reinstate 20,000 Saddam-era army officers
Iraqi journalist sees threats to press freedom
EU court strikes blow against Israeli settlers
[EU Observer]
Gadhafi Calls for Jihad Against Switzerland

North Africa
Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei creates National Front for Change

German parliament backs Afghan troop increase
Goldman role in Greek crisis probed
Iceland delegation walks out on £2.3bn Icesave debt repayment talks

Ousted Honduran leader calls charges persecution
Venezuelan official disputes report on human rights abuses
Mexican Drug Kingpin Sentenced to 25 Years in Secret Hearing

Huge iceberg breaks off Antarctica