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Daily International News 03.29.10

March 29, 2010

Daily International News
March 29, 2010

North Korea
N. Korea slams U.N. resolution to maintain special human rights envoy

Seoul watching for signs of N. Korean leader’s possible visit to China
N. Korea’s No.2 leader to visit three African nations
North Koreans Use Cellphones to Bare Secrets

China struggles with stance on nuclear power as summit nears

Ericsson announces $1.8bn China deals
Rio Tinto executives handed lengthy jail terms
Dissident’s wife pleas for China to let him leave

Southeast Asia
Suu Kyi’s NLD party to boycott Burma election

Thai PM rebuffs demands for dissolving parliament
Some in Indonesia praise, seek to replicate China’s fight against United States

Central/South Asia
Obama, in Kabul, Presses Karzai to Root Out Government Corruption
Pakistan court maintains curbs on AQ Khan

Middle East
Turkey gets Clinton pledge on genocide resolution

Netanyahu Pushed by Coalition Partner, U.S. to Curb Home Plan
Israeli minister says U.S. boosts Arab hardliners

Moscow Metro hit by deadly suicide bombings

Somalis in rare march against al-Shabab militants

Seven arrested in FBI raids linked to Christian militia group
[Detroit News]
NYC, DC Beef Up Transit Security Over Moscow Blast


Daily International News 12.16.09

December 16, 2009

Daily International News
December 16, 2009

AP source: Obama writes letter to NKorean leader [AP]
“Washington’s recent bid to persuade North Korea to return to nuclear disarmament negotiations included a personal letter to leader Kim Jong Il written by President Barack Obama, a senior U.S. official said.”

Thailand prepares to destroy N.Korean weapons haul [Global Times]
“The Thai government said Tuesday it would ask the UN for money to destroy a cache of sanctions-busting weapons seized from a plane that took off from North Korea.”

N. Korea’s nominal leader meets with U.S. businessmen [Yonhap]
“North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong-nam, held talks with a group of visiting U.S. businessmen in Pyongyang on Wednesday, state media said.”

N.K. told Bosworth that U.N. sanctions are unreasonable: Seoul FM [Yonhap]
“North Korea apparently told a visiting U.S. envoy that international sanctions imposed on Pyongyang over its long-range rocket launch were unreasonable, insisting the launch was for non-military purposes, Seoul’s top diplomat said Wednesday.”

East Asia
Japan can meet deadline for relocating U.S. base in Okinawa: Hatoyama [Kyodo]
“PM Hatoyama said Wednesday that Japan can still meet the 2014 deadline for relocating a U.S. military base in Okinawa despite the government putting off a decision on the issue and deciding to seek an alternative site to the one previously agreed.”

Japan enters high-speed train sales race [AP]
“JR Central, one of the operators created when Japan privatized its railways in 1987, is leading the charge in the U.S., but is also taking a risky winner-takes-all approach.”

Nuclear Power Expansion in China Stirs Concerns [NYT]
China is preparing to build three times as many nuclear power plants in the coming decade as the rest of the world combined, a breakneck pace with the potential to help slow global warming.”

China begins work on world’s longest cross-sea bridge [BBC]
“China has begun constructing a bridge to link southern Guangdong province, China’s main manufacturing hub, with Hong Kong and Macau.”

S/SE Asia
Philippines arrests alleged militant wanted by US
“Latip has been charged in the United States with the 1993 kidnapping of linguist and Christian missionary Charles Walton by the Abu Sayyaf militant group on a southern Philippine island, Diaz said.”

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi in rare talks with party elders [AFP]
“Myanmar’s junta allowed detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to meet with three elderly senior members of her party Wednesday in a rare concession by the military regime.”

Middle East
Iran missile test draws Western condemnation
“The United States said the launch of a Sejil 2 missile, with a reported range that would put the Jewish state and U.S. Gulf bases within reach, undermined Iran’s insistence of peaceful intentions and would be looked upon seriously by the world.” [Press TV Iran tests new Sejjil-2 missile with success]

House votes to expand sanctions on Iran [AP]
“The legislation, approved 412-12, would end access to U.S. markets for foreign companies selling refined petroleum products to Iran or helping that country develop its petroleum capacity.”

PLO keeps Abbas as Palestinian president [Reuters]
“PLO Central Council members said Abbas, whose tenure ends on January 25, will remain in his post until elections can be held, extending until further notice the term of the Western-backed leader who heads the Ramallah-based PA.”

Abbas says peace deal possible in 6 months [AP]
“A comprehensive peace deal can be reached between Israel and the Palestinians within six months if Israel completely freezes its settlement construction, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview published Wednesday.”

British premier says Livni welcome
“Livni’s office says the British premier phoned her Wednesday afternoon and said he intends to act to change a law that allows non-citizens to be brought before British courts.”

Man Arrested Trying to Enter Berlusconi’s Hospital Room [NYT]
“Three days after an attack…PM Silvio Berlusconi was at the center of another bizarre episode Wednesday when police arrested a man who entered the hospital where he is being treated at around 2 a.m., ostensibly to talk to him.”

Calderón Proposes Ballot-Law Overhaul
“The proposals, which have to pass the opposition-dominated Congress, would establish a 2nd-round vote for presidential elections, cut the number of seats in Congress and allow federal lawmakers and local officials to be re-elected.”

US and Russia close in on nuclear treaty
“Obama and Medvedev could sign agreement on nuclear arms reduction on margins of Copenhagen summit this week.”

Climate Talks Near Deal to Save Forests
“The agreement for the program, if signed as expected, may turn out to be the most significant achievement to come out of the Copenhagen climate talks.”

Police hold 230 as climate protesters storm barricades [Reuters]
“Danish police detained 230 people on Wednesday as protesters stormed barricades around a global climate summit and a handful briefly broke through, witnesses and a police spokesman said.”


Daily International News 11.12.09

November 12, 2009

Daily International News 11.12.09


North Korea threatens South over naval clash [WP] + [see below for KCNA coverage]

Kim Yong Nam Meets French Presidential Envoy [KCNA]
“Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) — Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly, met and had a talk with Jack Lang, special envoy of the French president, who paid a courtesy call on him at the Mansudae Assembly Hall Thursday.”


Japan Cools to America as It Prepares for Obama Visit [NYT]

Emperor: Japanese ‘should learn from war’ [BBC]


China urges U.S. to respect its stance on Tibet [Xinhua]

China looms as key challenge on Obama’s Asia tour [Reuters]

China trade surplus shadows Obama visit [Asia Times]

HRW: China ‘running illegal prisons’ [BBC]


Protesters Clash With Police in Nepal [NYT]

Middle East

Exclusive: Iranian enrichment has not grown: diplomats [Reuters]

Hezbollah leader lashes out at Obama [WP]

Yemen warns against intervention in rebel conflict [CNN]


U.S. Afghan Envoy Said to Advise Against More Troops [Bloomberg]

Official: Obama rejects all Afghan war options [MSNBC]


Medvedev stresses modernization in Russia address [Reuters]

Spain tries 11 over alleged Islamic terror plot [WP]


Colombia takes Chavez war talk to Security Council [WP]

Officials Search for Answers in Extensive Brazil Blackout [NYT]

Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN [LAT]

S. Korean Forces Will Be Forced to Pay Dearly for Their Armed Provocation [full KCNA article]

“Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) — The south Korean forces will be forced to pay dearly for the grave armed provocation perpetrated by them in the waters of the north side in the West Sea of Korea on November 10. This warning is served by papers Thursday in signed commentaries.

Rodong Sinmun observes: The south Korean military authorities are now making much fuss in a bid to mislead the public opinion, describing the proper measure for self-defence taken by the north against a group of warships of the south Korean forces as “the third skirmish in the West Sea.” This is like a thief crying “Stop the thief!”

The latest armed clash in the West Sea was not a simple accidental incident but a deliberate and premeditated provocation perpetrated by the south Korean military in an effort to escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsula, the daily notes, and goes on:

It is a trite method of the south Korean warmongers to perpetrate a shocking provocation to derail any process for improving the north-south relations.

Nobody can deny the fact that the armed provocation perpetrated by them again in the West Sea is nothing but a deliberate and vicious move for increasing the tension and a dangerous war action of those much upset by the trend of the situation on the peninsula. This is a clear indictment meted out to the south Korean warmongers hell bent on the treacherous acts to disturb the peace on the peninsula and do harm to fellow countrymen by force of arms in collusion with outside forces while hamstringing the efforts to improve the inter-Korean relations.

The artillery pieces of the KPA convinced of justice and afire with hatred are now leveled at the provokers.

The south Korean military had better face up to the trend of the times and behave itself.

Minju Joson urges the south Korean military authorities to stop digging their own graves, make an apology to the nation for the armed provocation and take a responsible measure against the recurrence of the similar case.”