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Daily International News 02.04.10

February 4, 2010

Daily International News
February 4, 2010

North Korea
N. Korea eases market curbs as anger grows: Seoul

China Shows Little Patience for U.S. Currency Pressure
[NYT] and China says RMB exchange rate “reasonable”, dismisses U.S. criticism over trade [Xinhua]
China Renews Opposition to Iran Sanctions
China Hauls EU to WTO Over Shoe Tariffs

South Asia
India offers official talks with Pakistan

Central Asia
Karzai’s Taliban reconciliation strategy raises ethnic, rights concerns at home

Middle East
Israel warns Syria it would lose future war
Iran arrests rights activist, campaign group says
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plays game of cat-and-mouse with West over nuclear deal
[Times of London]

Libya must halt web crackdown, says rights group
EU: Somali pirates hijack North Korean cargo ship

UK auditor: 392 lawmakers must pay back expenses
Londonistan: Forget about Yemen. The real terrorist threat exposed by the underwear bomber is in Merry Olde England.

US Baptists to appear before Haitian prosecutor
Holder Defends Decision on Prosecution of Accused Plane Bomber