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NEWS: Afternoon Int’l News Roundup 10.23.09

October 23, 2009

East Asia

N Korea human rights ‘abysmal’ [BBC]

Japan FM: US Marine base should stay on Okinawa [WP]

–Funny picture of Okada and Mullen comparing hand size on this article.


NATO agrees need to boost effort to Afghan transition [Reuters]

Refusing runoff would be ‘insulting democracy,’ Karzai says [CNN]

Middle East

Iran fails to accept U.N.-drafted nuclear deal [Reuters]


Israel asks UN chief to nix Gaza war crimes report [AFP]


Economists revolt over surprise recession data [Times of London]

David Miliband set to sink Tony Blair’s hopes of EU presidency [Evening Standard]

Czechs, NATO back new US missile defense plan [WP]


U.S. Arrests Hundreds in Raids on Drug Cartel [NYT]

Honduras talks collapse again over Zelaya’s return [WP]