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Daily International News 08.19.10

August 19, 2010

Daily International News
August 19, 2010

Northeast Asia
Several dead in China explosion
[Al Jazeera]

China: Mechanical failures to blame for North Korean plane crash
Letter from Europe: Building Up Connections With China
From 08/18 S Korean treasuries sought by China [FT]
From 08/18 U.S. says SE Asia concerned by China assertiveness [Reuters]

Foxconn to hire more workers in China

North Korea Confirms Detention of South Korean Boat

North Korea Twitter account banned in South Korea
Japan’s Ozawa may challenge PM in party vote – report

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Myanmar lays down tough rules for upcoming polls

Australia judge orders witness to remove niqab in court

South/Central Asia
Clinton to announce new aid to Pakistan Thursday

Indian, Pakistani troops clash on Kashmir border
Delhi Games boycott call by Dawn Fraser rejected
Afghanistan Focus Of Obama Summits With EU, NATO
[Defense News]
From 08/18 Taliban prison said found in Afghanistan, 27 freed [Reuters]

Middle East
Hezbollah hands over ex-PM murder ‘evidence’
[BBC] and Lebanese doubt Hariri tribunal will deliver justice [Reuters]

US ‘ready’ to unveil Middle East talks plan

Israeli Settlements Said to Delay Start of Direct Peace Talks
Al Qaeda Plans for Israel War
[Daily Beast]
Report Criticizes Gaza Restrictions

Khamenei: Iran won’t talk with U.S. in current climate

Germany: 2 men charged over Iran arms embargo
Goodbye Iraq: Last US combat brigade heads home

Iraq war was illegal, repeats Clegg

Violence erupts during South Africa strike
Lockerbie bomber: 500 youths to celebrate first anniversary of Megrahi’s release

Kenya accused of illegal World Cup bomb extraditions
Mandela charity’s ex-chief cuts ties over diamonds
Food supplies most at risk in Afghanistan, Africa

From 08/18 A Mission to Modernize Germany’s Armed Forces [NYT]

France begins deporting Roma Gypsies
Rampaging bull injures 40 in Spanish arena

Britain’s David Cameron seeks smaller government, more citizen involvement
Ditch the queen: UK public’s wild ideas for cuts

Russia/Former Soviet States
Moscow on Alert After Pyatigorsk Blast
[Moscow Times]
Moscow to ban vodka sales after 10pm
Russia to beef up military presence in former Soviet space

All cafes ordered shut in Chechnya during Ramadan

Mexican mayor found dead 3 days after kidnapping
US National Guard troops deployed at Mexico border

Venezuelan Brokerages Banned from Bond Markets

Gov. Paterson: New spot for mosque would be ‘magic moment’ in history
TIME Poll: Majority Opposes Mosque, Many Distrust Muslims
Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim
Intel to Acquire McAfee, Moving Into Online Security