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Daily International News 01.27.10

January 27, 2010

Daily International News
January 27, 2010

@ London Conference
Clinton Seeks More Pressure on Iran
Nations Meet to Discuss Yemen
London meeting marks sea-change in Afghan approach

Toyota’s Woes in America Raise Concern in Japan

N. Korea steps up call for peace treaty amid seething border tension
Two Koreas trade fire; North shoots again [Reuters]
North Korea warns South of more artillery firing

Central Asia
NATO and Kazakhstan Reach Transit Pact for Afghanistan
UN Removes Five Taliban Officials from Blacklist
Holbrooke says US to back Taliban reintegration

S/SE Asia
Sri Lanka president wins historic re-election
>> Fonseka rejects Sri Lanka election win for Rajapaksa [BBC]
Malaysia arrests foreigners on terror charges
American pleads not guilty in Mumbai attack case

Middle East
U.S. military teams, intelligence deeply involved in aiding Yemen on strikes [WaPo]
Attacker hits Israeli chief justice with sneaker
Iran official: German diplomats involved in “riots”

Russia: Work on new arms treaty with U.S. nears end [Xinhua]
NATO, Russia boost military ties in Afghan war

Sudan’s ousted Sadiq al-Mahdi enters election race

Tourists paying $500 for Machu Picchu evacuation
[Times of London]
Haiti Halts Departures of Orphans
>> Haiti government begins delivering food [Miami Herald]
>> Haiti govt gets only 1 cent of every US aid dollar [AP]
New Honduran leader to take office, ending turmoil

ACORN “pimp” charged in alleged plot to wiretap Landrieu
TechBytes: Apple’s Big Announcement
Toyota suspends sales of eight US models [BBC]